Sunday, August 31, 2008

Calla Sitting up

Calla has really been growing up fast. She is sitting up now and can hold her head up very well. We used the Bumbo for the first time this weekend and she loves it. It looks like she has her own little golden thrown now.
We are just relaxing this weekend and getting the house ready for Calla's two Grandmas to come this month. Cindy is coming in on Tuesday and staying with us for two weeks and then Lynda is coming the following two weeks and they both have day time duty with Calla while Mom and Dad go to work. Both Grandpa Rex and Bob are making short appearances also during the next month to visit the little one while their better halves are here.
Calla has to say bye on Tuesday to her BFF Billie who has been taking wonderful care of her during the month of August three days a week. We are going to miss her, especially since she is moving across the globe to Australia. I guess we will just have to visit!
I hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoy the pictures.

Calla and daddy hanging out.

Calla wondering what daddy is doing?

Calla sitting in her Bumbo and laughing at Daddy.

Calla wondering why Aspen loves to lick and smell her toes so much?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Calla

Calla and I had fun naked time last night on the changing table. Turn up the sound on this video, she makes some cute noises. We are going to Vancouver, WA tonight to visit Scott, who is spending the week at a workshop up there. Calla gets to spend her second night in a hotel room, lets hope she uses her quite/indoor voice when she cries tonight.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Four Months Calla!!!

Calla, as well as mom and dad, has had a very busy and exciting week. I started back to work this month, working part-time, and then starting full-time in September. It was lots of fun to be back at work, but I was very happy when Thursday came around and I got to spend the entire day with Calla. In anticipation of Calla's four month birthday today, and in an attempt to beat the 100 degree heat in Corvallis yesterday, we took Calla to the Oregon Coast for the first time. We all had a great time. We have some video, which I will let Scott try and post this evening, for now you will all just have to enjoy the photos.
Calla in her sun hat and sweatshirt, it was pretty windy at the beach yesterday, but it felt GREAT!!!
Our first family photo on the beach. We are looking forward to many more beach trips with Calla.
Calla and mommy on the beach.
Calla with her toes in the sand for the first time.
Everyone's toes enjoying the warm Oregon sand.
The ride home, time for a nap after all the fun in the Oregon sun!Aspen taking a rest from riding the waves.

A Few More Photos from Ohio

Calla and Grandpa Rex.

Calla and Uncle Tom

Calla and her cousin Abbey and Aunt Tina.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Calla Update

Calla has been getting more and more active everyday. She is making lots of new sounds and has started to giggle occasionally. She is weighing in at over 9 lbs now (triple her birth weight!) and is sleeping like a champ at night. Her record is now an 8 hour stretch and she is averaging 6-7 hours a night. Though we found out what a noisy little sleeper Calla is when we flew out of Portland to Ohio. We stayed in a hotel by the airport because we had an early flight so Calla slept right next to us and niether of us slept well because she grunted, moaned, snored, and farted all night! So we are glad she sleep in her own room at home.

Courtney had her first day back at work and Calla had her first day with our friend Billie, who will be watching Calla 3 days a week while Courtney eases back to work during the month of August. Eveyone survivied but it was a little hard on mom today.

Calla is all smiles!

Calla in her Baptism Gown

Calla with her Godfather, Steve, and Godmother, Tina.

One of Calla's many funny faces.

Calla and all of her Ohio cousins!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Trip to Ohio Continued

Tomorrow morning we head back to Oregon after a wonderful week in Ohio visiting with family and friends. Calla was bapitized on Sunday and lots of family members came for the celebration. Scott's brother Steve came from Flagstaff, AZ to be the godfather and Calla's Aunt Tina, my sister-in-law, is her godmother. Please enjoy these photos of our trip.

Scott and cousin Jordan rowing in the lake.Courtney and Calla's cousin Abbey.

Courtney and Scott on the lake.

Calla hanging out in a bright outfit. What fun!!

Calla taking a nap with her uncle Steve, also her godfather.

Calla and her cousin Abbey.

Calla and her cousin Abbey.

Calla and grandma Cindy.

Courtney, Calla, and uncle Steve.

Calla and Courtney's friend from high school, Susie.

Calla and her cousin Jordan.