Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sisters, Babies, and Princess Dresses

Calla has been a great big sissy and loves to "play" with Hannah. She has also started to play with her 2 babies a lot lately, Baby Abbey and Baby Cinderella. The two babies do everything with her and Calla puts them to bed, rocks them to sleep, has them sit with her and color,and even feeds the babies. She also got her first Princess dress the other day and wore it most of the day today along with a few other dresses we got her. Below are a few pictures of our latest activities. Is there still hope Calla will be a tomboy??? If not, I can still work on Hannah!

Little Miss Cutie

Another picture daddy?

Sisters hanging out!

Little Miss Cinderella

Calla carrying Baby Abbey. Baby Cinderella was left at home I guess?

Calla and Daddy playing mandolin and singing!

Calla and Hannah in Hannah's Fort.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arizona in the Fall

Everything takes longer with two kids, but boy is it worth it!! We had a wonderful trip to AZ a couple of weeks ago. Both kids were amazing on the plane and we are very proud of them! It was great to see all of the Shaff family and celebrate both Papa Shaff and Jake's birthdays.

Papa and Nana Shaff and their three grandchildren.
To escape the AZ heat that the NW Shaff's are not used to we headed to Mt Lemon one day. It was a beautiful day and as always Calla was on the move.
Look at me Dad!!

A moment of rest with Mommy, these were few and far between during the trip.
Hannah also enjoyed Mt Lemon with a short nap in Nana's arms.

Papa Shaff enjoyed meeting his newest grandchild. Hannah was happy to show off her smile to Papa!

Calla and her Nana enjoying the warm summer evening. What a pair!

Calla loves her baby sister and enjoys telling her stories, dancing for her and entertaining her in general.

Jake also enjoyed getting to know Hannah.

We all loved Nana and Papa's pool. After the first couple of days Calla was getting everyone wet, jumping in the water and riding on the raft. She was a little fish!

John, Jake, Scott, and Hannah. There is just a little Shaff resemblance.

A quick family photo after a trip to the Tucson Zoo. It was a wonderful Zoo and we will definitely visit again when we are back in Tucson.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And Another video

Cousins Sharing

We are having lots of fun in Arizona. Calla and her cousin Jake have found a common love, cheerios.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Fun

Fall is coming to Oregon so we are headed south to AZ to visit the rest of the Shaff family. Before we leave we did enjoy some family fun this past weekend.

We all went to Detering Orchard and picked pears. Calla had a blast and when we get home I will can them. YUM YUM!!!

We also went to visit some friends in the old neighborhood and visit our old park. It is hard to believe that Calla has gotten so big!!

Our old neighbors recently invested in a used trampoline. Dad and Calla had a blast trying it out!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting into our Groove

Well I just finished my first week back at work and Daddy just survived his first week with the girls. All went well, just a little tired. I work 9 hour days (with the 45 minute commute) Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Scott works 10 hour days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Calla goes to daycare on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We all have someplace to be!

The other milestone we hit this week was Hannah slept 8 hours one night, that was GREAT!!!! She is so fun and really a very easy baby. Our only problem at this point is she still really does not like riding in the car. May of our car rides are filled with crying Hannah and Calla with her hands over her ears. We are working on timing and trying to go places when Hannah is tired and that makes things a little better. Here are some pictures of our happy little girl!

3 months and she loves to look around, especially at big sister!

We put Hannah in the bumbo for the first time this week and she loved it! It is so amazing to she her head control. She has changed so much already!

Daddy and Hannah hanging out!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Harvest from our Yard

Well we are enjoying our new yard, weeds and all. Scott was up in the trees a few weekends ago picking apples and plums. Calla and Melody, our neighbor, enjoyed the fruits of his labor. All the trees needs pruning and the weeds are trying to take over, but that work will have to wait as we enjoy just playing in the yard with Calla and letting Hannah look at her beautiful home.

Tomatoes, squash, plums, apples, peppers, YUM!