Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oregon Coast Trip

Last Sunday we headed to the Oregon Coast with our friends Nick, Brandi, Madison, and Jackson. We had a great time! Here are some pictures of our adventure.

The kids: Madison and Little brother Jaackson and Calla and little sister Hannah.
The dads helping the "big" girls build a sand castle.

The mammas and their babies.

Oregon Coast family photo.
You can make it (and she did:)

The two "big" girls coming back from an adventure. What a pair!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Fun Filled Week

This was a busy week at the Shaff house and we had lots of fun, and even managed to capture some of it on camera. Hannah is also more and more awake (including in the middle of the night) and is entertaining Mom and Dad with her beautiful smiles. She had her two month check-up last week and weighed in at 9lbs 5oz, so she is doing well. It has been hot here so she spends most of the day in her diaper or wrapped in her blanket at nap time. Here she is watching big sister dance. Hannah slept for 5 hours once last week and we keep hoping that there is more of that right around the corner.
Momma got to hangout with her two girls on a hot afternoon. What a beautiful pair!

Saturday was a very hot day here. In the afternoon we all put our suits on and ran through the sprinkler. It was fun. Calla practiced her counting by saying "1,2,3 GO!" as we all took our turns running through the sprinkler.

Calla enjoying the water.

In the morning Calla had gymnastics and then we all headed to the Farmers Market for our weekly fresh produce and some fun in the Corvallis water fountain. Here Calla is enjoying the water.

Nice and cool on the bare bottom.

Hannah has just started enjoying her swing. She watches as the birds go around.

Daddy Time!!!

Another fun adventure this week was a trip to the Gilbert House in Salem. We went with our neighbor Marsh and her daughter Madeline. The girls had a great time. We only got a few pictures because the camera battery died.

Calla riding her rocking horse.

Calla enjoying some down time with her baby dolls. Calla loves to sit in Hannah's chair when Hannah is not using it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Uncle Steve's Visit

I think our summer of visitors has ended, with Uncle Steve coming for a visit at the end of July. Calla had a great time with her Uncle Steve and Steve enjoyed meeting his new niece. Things has quited down on the visitor end, but Hannah has been exercising her vocal chords this week. She has decided she is not fond of going to sleep at night and it has been taking Scott and I three hours to get her to fall asleep and then it is on the couch with one of us. Right now (Sunday am) she is sleeping in her bed for the first time since a short stretch from 1-3 am and I am hoping we are moving in the right direction. Calla is getting good at saying "Hannah fussy" or "Hannah stop crying". Scott and I are starting to remember the long nights we had with Calla. I guess that is why people have more kids, we forgot the rough spots and just remember the giggles and smiles.

Hannah enjoying our beautiful backyard.

Daddy, Uncle Steve, and Calla went to toddler time at the local pool. Only kids 6 and under are allowed and parents can take kids down the slide. Calla and daddy had a GREAT time!

Quick take the picture before someone moves or cries.

Calla had lots of fun dressing Uncle Steve up, and Steve was a great subject.

We took Calla and Uncle Steve down to the Corvallis water fountain one afternoon and Calla had fun playing in the water. Another family photo was also snapped, Steve is a quick draw.

Steve was able to capture both Shaff girls in a happy moment. Thanks Steve!
Hannah checking out Uncle Steve. Hannah is getting more and more aware, which is fun for everyone.