Saturday, May 22, 2010

33 Weeks and Counting

Well I am over half way through my field season and everyone is surviving. Only one more trip with Calla and Courtney by themselves. Nana Lynda will be visiting during my last trip in June to help out Courtney and play with Calla. Courtney is having a harder time each day bending over. Hannah is starting to get big in there!! Calla is becomg quite the big girl lately and very independent. She likes to try and do everything herself now and gets offended when you try and help her. It is amazing to watch. She is quite the silly girl also,sometimes we can not help but laugh when we know as parents we should not be encouraging what she is doing!

Calla the artist!


Momma and Calla

Courtney at 33 weeks and counting! She is doing so awesome!

Calla put momma "night, night" and then layed down with her.

Calla running though our backyard!

Calla really does already have a shoe fetish!

Mischievous Calla

Calla giving her new Baby Abbey some water.