Sunday, January 24, 2010


It was a beautiful day on Saturday, so we said yard and house work be damed, we are going hiking. So we set off for Silver Falls State Park. We went on a great 5 mile hike through a gorgeous old forest and saw a couple of amazing waterfalls. On camera battery died before we got to the waterfall, so you will have to use your imagination or follow the link in the last sentence. Calla had a great time riding on mom or dad's back and also chasing Aspen down the trail, see photos below!
We have also recently found some new energy lately, since we have now conviced Calla through dedicated training and brainwashing, to sleep into 7 o'clock! She actually has managed a few mornings to sleep into 7:30. This is a big improvement from 5:45 - 6:00 she was doing since we moved into the new house.
Now we get to get the house ready for our first house guests. Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Rex are coming to visit on Friday. Calla can not wait to get spoiled!

Run Calla!

Go get that doggie of yours!


Dad and Calla resting after a long day!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Scott, Calla, and I had a wonderful trip to Ohio for Christmas. It was filled with lots and lots of family, great food, and lots of good times. Scott and I really enjoyed having grandma and grandpa around to play with Calla. Scott and I watched an afternoon movie, went on a date, and got some good R&R.

Calla and all her cousins. When baby Shaff #2 arrives in July my parents will have an even 12 grandchildren. I think we have all decided that is a very good number.

Calla loves her grandma. Grandma put her to bed everynight and they read lots and lots of books. We can't wait for them to see the new house in just a few weeks.
Calla has also begun to really enjoy looking at pictures of her self.

Calla and her cousin Jordan.

Calla and Uncle Tom taking a break from opening gifts.

Time to relax with a good story in grandpa's lap!

Grandpa teach me about building things. My parents are the nature types. Calla got to experience her first snow while we were in Ohio. We took her sleding and she loved it.

Calla loved imitating her cousin Abbey. She spent the whole day we were flying home saying Abbey's name over and over again.
Grandma got Calla a cell phone for Christmas. She looked right at home by the end of the day.
Before we left for Christmas in Ohio we opened presents in Oregon. Calla's Uncle Steve sent her a Dora the Explorer fort. She loves playing in it. Thanks Uncle Steve, you are the best!!

Calla likes to play with teh remote, lots of cool buttons. SHe has only managed to turn on the TV a few times.

Calla also got a Rodie from Grandma and Grandpa Shaff. She loves her horsie and makes yum yum for it.