Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit

Grandma and Grandpa Rickly came for a visit and Scott and I took the opportunity for a quick one night get-a-way. We headed to Cannon Beach (where we got married six years ago in July) and stayed for one night at the Ocean Lodge ( Sunday was a beautiful sunny day on the coast and we walked the beach and Cannon Beach for about 2 hours. That night we had a wonderful dinner at the Bistro, watched a movie together and then slept until almost 9am Monday morning. It was great. We had a slow drive back on Monday and stopped and had lunch at Otis Cafe. It was great to have some quite time together as we prepare for number two.
View from our room.
Sunset at Haystack Rock.
Relaxing during our walk on the beach.
What's wrong with this picture, there is no Calla!
Grandma and Grandpa have been having lots and lots of fun with Calla. They have been taking walks, making music, and sharing lots and lots of memories. Oh, by the way they have also been very busy doing home improvement projects for us. Rex installed new lighting in living room and a fan in our bedroom. My mom decorated Calla's bedroom and painted some of our kitchen. Pictures of the home improvement projects coming soon.
Calla and Grandma making music.
Calla putting the puzzel together. She loves to put things together, whether it is the clips on her high chair, a puzzel, or stacking blocks, she is always busy.

Calla also loves to climb and Grandpa was helping her explore some steps at the park.

Calla loves to put anyone or anything "nigh nigh" She will either put her head down on a blanket or pillow or cover up a doll or even Aspen with a blanket and then say "nigh nigh". It is very cute.

Grandma and Grandpa bought Calla a new dresser and night stand for Christmas. Calla was a good helper and Grandpa put it all together.