Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ready for School

Now that Hannah is up on two feet she wants to do everything Calla is doing. Calla loves her backpacks (she has many) and so now Hannah also has one. Here they are getting ready for school one morning.

Déjà vu

When Calla was a little over 18 months she started napping for about 45 minutes in her crib and would wake up crying. We could never get her to go back to sleep in the crib, but she would sleep on the couch with one of us, sometime for up to two hours. Well Hannah is now developing the same trend. I found a picture of Scott and Calla and Scott and Hannah at about the same ages sleeping on the couch, so I thought I would share. The girls have very different personalities, but still share many similar characteristics. It is so wonderful to watch them both develop in their own ways!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Farm

This summer instead of trying to manage a garden,, two young children, and a husband on the road, I decided to sign us up for a farm share from Gathering Together Farm, a local farm located in Philomath. On Sunday they had the end of the season farm tour and pumpkin. The farm truck was not working so instead of a hayride tour we took a walking tour. Calla had a blast and listened to every word Farmer Joe said. The kids even got to pick carrots at the end. What a wonderful treat to meet the farmer and see the place where our summer veggies were grown. We will be back for more fresh veggies next summer!

There was a green house of tomatoes on the farm and since it was the end of the season the kids got to walk through the greenhouse like a maze, it was fun to watch!

Hannah enjoyed exploring the flowers.

Calla was very intent on finding the perfect pumpkins for her and Hannah.

Keep Looking!

Just Right!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hannah is Walking

It has taken 16 1/2 months but Hannah is finally up on two feet. She is quick, so we have very few pictures, but I did capture a few quick ones today.

Making a break for Calla's bike. We might have to buy another bike soon!

This time with the helmet.

Heading for the grass, Hannah is still getting used to walking on uneven ground.

I am not sure what Aspen thinks of Hannah walking around on two feet, but Hannah likes chasing Aspen.

Hannah checking out her shoes, she seems to really like her new shoes.