Friday, August 19, 2011

Camping along the North Umpqua River

We spent a great weekend camping down along the North Umpqua River with our friends Liam, Brigetta, Rowan, and Fiona. We lucked out and got two great camping spots next to each other right along the river with a great place for the kids to play in the river. We mostly just hung out at the camp playing in the river and the kids digging in the dirt. We went on a short hike to a great waterfall and generally had a great time. The Moms slept with the little ones in their own tents and the Dads and the big ones slept in the BIG tent. So Calla and Rowan got to share the tent and had a great time after we put them to bed. Every 20 - 30 minutes we had to tell them it was bed/quite time, but as soon as we walked away one of them would start talking and the flashlight would come back on. It was pretty funny and they had a great time together.

Here are some photos of our adventure!

Hannah enjoying the waterfall in her deluxe hiking backpack. Calla is kinda jealous now that she is a big girl and has to hike.

The two camping families!

Calla and Rowan with their hiking sticks.

Hiking up the big hills to the waterfall.

Calla and Rowan doing their best Karate Kid impression.

We had a few adult beverages by the campfire!

Fiona playing at camp and having a great time!

Hannah being silly while they were playing in the tent.

Calla doing something? We were not sure what but Rowan thought it was hilarious!

Hannah talking a much deserved nap in the tent!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hiking Pamelia Lake

A couple of weekends ago we went hiking to Pamelia Lake with our good friends Joy, Jay, and baby Airlie. We used to hike and camp with them lots, then we had kids and now they live in Portland. So it was great to spend the day together catching up. Joy and I used to drive to work everyday together. I sure do miss you now!

The hike to Pamelia Lake is 2.5 miles each way, so we knew we would be pushing it trying to get Calla to hike the entire trail, but she did great! She pretty much hiked the entire way to the lake with a few reward stops (half a shortbread cookie) and a few short rides on dad's shoulders. She was a trooper. She loved swimming in the lake, I guess she is from our blood because Scott and I love swimming in mountain lakes! There are no pictures of Scott carrying Call on the way down because he beelined it to the car with the extra weight on his back!

Hannah enjoying the ride with dad. Hannah loves the back pack because she can see everything. She rode in the ergo on the way down so Calla could hitch a ride with dad.

Calla's imagination was running wild on the trail. We were running from bears, alligators, and she was wearing a magic stick necklace. She made us all laugh!


A hug for mom!

Swimming in the lake. Hannah did NOT like the water, but loved watching Calla swim and splash!

Hannah had a great time "sharing" food with baby Airlie. Joy had brought some watermelon and Hannah having just perfected the food sign along with saying "foo, foo" was very insistent that she get some too. So Airlie was kind enough to share.

The Family!