Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keeping Busy on a Cold Wet Weekend!

It was a cold wet weekend here and we kept busy doing lots of different things to keep the kids and adults from going stir crazy! We ended the weekend with a cold but mostly rainfree hike in Peavy Auboretum. We all enjoyed the fresh air, and Calla took a little spill, got a little mud covered, but it was a good end to the weekend!

The girls helped Daddy work on a project to get a new shelf hung in the play room.

There was some Cat in the Hat before bed time.

There was some cuddle time with Daddy!

And one of the highlights was setting up the tent in the play room on Sunday to "go comping". It was another fun weekend.

Dancing Queen

Calla loves to move and I have to say she has much better moves then I ever had! This weekend was cold and rainy so we had lots of time to dance inside! She keeps us laughing with the next show!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A "Big" Girls Day

Calla and I headed out with our friends Renee and her daughter Ella to Mckenzie Pass and went sledding! We had such a wonderful time. Calla was FULL of energy. She ran, sled, tumbled, and had pure fun. Aspen had a great time chasing after the girls and eating the snow! After sledding we headed to Belknap Hot Springs for swimming and then grabbed some lunch. Calla did great. She passed out on the drive home for about an hour, but had a wonderful time!

Babies go night, night

When I was a little girl my grandpa built these bunk beds for my babies. Last Christmas my parents sent them to Calla for her Christmas gift. The girls love tucking themselves into the beds and pretending they are the babies! It is so fun to see them playing with something I used as a kid!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Great Day with Great Friends

Scott headed to the mountains to ski with some good friends today so Calla, Hannah and I headed to Portland and Sauvie Island with Joy, Jay, and Airlie. I have always wanted to check-out the island and the day was just too beautiful to spend at home. The girls had a great time and it was great to spend some time catching up with Joy.

Calla jumped right into the sandy beach and there was no going back. She rolled, ran, jumped, and had a BLAST. She even kept going to the waters edge to get her hands and feet wet. Hannah also had a blast, she has been into puddle stomping lately and I had to keep my eye on her otherwise she would have been "puddle" stomping in the Columbia River.

The three girls enjoying the view! I think what Joy and I both enjoy the most about these outings is seeing our little girls play together. Calla really loves Airlie and always want to play with her and watch over her. It is soo cute!

Hannah and Airlie were sitting on the log while Hannah was having a snack. Right after the picture they were eyeing each other, we could not decide if they were studying each others hats or Airlie wanted Hannah's snack.

Three friends sitting on a log. What a beautiful day and beautiful girls!

Since Scott was off skiing I enlisted the help the Jay to get Calla back to the car (not even worth trying to get shoes on sandy feet). Calla LOVES Jay and I am sure she will be talking about this outing with all of them the rest of the week. Thanks for a great day friends!