Monday, April 20, 2009

Bye Bye Grandma and Grandpa Shaff

Calla had a wonderful weekend enjoying the sunshine and her grandparents. They leave today and we are all very sad. Calla also went to her friend Madison's birthday parthy. It was lots of fun.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am sitting here thinking about how one year ago I was in a hospital in Eugene, OR, wondering when my little girl would be born and if she would be healthy. Now I am sitting in my living room, having just put my perfect little girl down for the night. In the last year she has grown from 3 lbs 2oz to almost 20 lbs. She has gone from not being able to breast feed to feeding herself chicken, carrots, pasta, and peas for dinner tonight. A year ago her little hard barley fit around her Daddy's thumb, too having big hands that can grab a wooden block and hand it to her mother. Life is amazing, babies are amazing, my little girl is amazing. I can't wait to celebrate Calla's birthday tomorrow. She has brought so much joy to our lives and we could not be happier. Enjoy some of these pictures from the beginning of her life and from the recent weeks.

Just after birth, April 15, 2008.

Calla is holding her Daddy's hand.

Calla showing off her long arms to her mamma!!

Calla just before her 1st birthday!

Calla celebrating AZ just before her first birthday!!

Signs you know the parent of a preemie when

1. your kids wear 0-3 months for 6 months plus.

2. you don't freak out when your baby turns blue while eating a bottle..the whole breathing/swallowing thing just isn't figured out yet.

3. you have a NICU "routine" down, and are more familiar with their "pumping" room than your own bedroom.

4. you can change your baby's diaper while holding both of their legs up with two fingers only (don't we wish it was still that easy!)

5. they fit perfectly in your cleavage, wrapped up in a robe :)

6. your baby looks like a little old man, and when she starts looking like a baby you get freaked out!

7. your parents are too scared to hold your baby, and keep telling you "maybe when they hit 5 pounds, I'll feel more comfortable..."

8. your hands are raw from washing with hospital soap.

9. the smell of hospital soap makes you think of your baby and you smile :)

10. You know your baby's weight in grams, not pounds.

11. You have a total sigh of relief when your baby hits 3 pounds!!

12. Your new best buds are the nurses, and you grill them each time you enter the room.

13. You will never be able to listen to beeping and buzzing monitors without your heart skipping a beat.

14. you mastered washing their bottom through two arm holes in an incubator.

15. the best day of your life isn't the day your baby is born, it's the day you get to bring him home!

16. You get a few extra weeks with professionals to know your baby and learn how to take care of him or her before being on your own!

17. You value those last few weeks of sleep even more :)

18. You become friends with the night guard in the ER who lets you in the hospital after hours

19. You become even closer to your baby, becoming war veterans together in "the fight for life"

20. The complaints of the 'normal' moms become laughable and you have an unspoken understanding with other preemie moms

21. Every milestone is even more special and impressive

22. Double their birth weight by 6 months? Try quadruple! ;)

23. You never knew that 18 hours a day in a hospital for weeks on end could be the highlight of your summer.

24. You never wished so hard for a sleepless night in your own home with a crying child.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Party Calla!!!

We celebrated Calla's Birthday and Easter this weekend with a party on Saturday and Uncle John and Aunt Charlotte, as well as Grandma and Grandpa Shaff coming for a visit. The weather was beautiful on Friday and we went to the park so everyone could see Calla in the swing. Here are the pictures from our wonderful weekend. It is hard to believe that one year ago it was 70 degrees, Scott and I planted our garden, went to dinner, watched and movie, then I took a midnight ambulance ride to Eugene and then welcomed Calla into the world a few days later.

Calla laughing at her Aunt Charlotte swinging in the park!

Calla eating her cake. She did not like getting the frosting on her hands, it was too sticky.

Calla liked the presents, but really, really liked the tissue paper.

Calla got a musical chair. We really want to thank Terri and Nicole for this very loud gift:)

Calla's friend Madison came to the party. She turns one three days after Calla.

We all got dressed up on Easter and took pictures. Then Calla decided to take a nap so she and mom stayed home while the rest of the Shaff's went to church.

Calla and Aunt Charlotte.

Bye, Bye Uncle John and Aunt Charlotte. We will miss you!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calla's Busy Weekend

Calla had another busy weekend. It was in the mid-70's on Saturday and Sunday and we all enjoyed playing outside, doing some yard work, and a little hiking. You can see that Calla was very active and worn out by the end of the weekend.

Calla is learning to walk and I think her pants say it all, "Life is Good" for all of us!

Calla and Aspen continue to explore the world together. They enjoyed playing in our backyard today.

Look at this happy, beautiful girl!!

Calla's Aunt Jean in Ohio gave this to her, we used it this weekend and Calla enjoyed climbing in and out.

Calla loves to stand and explore.

Dad and Calla hiking after all the yard work is done.

Calla catching a few zzz while Daddy carries her down the trail. What a great end to a great weekend!!