Monday, September 17, 2012

Wallowa Lake

In September 2009 Scott and I took Calla to Wallowa Lake in Joseph, OR.  Scott and I loved to backpack   in the Wallowa Mountains before the girls were born.  This year we went as a family and stayed in a wonderful cabin!  It is so great to share with both girls one of our favorite places in the state!  It is a long drive, 7 hours, and the girls were great!  They love stickers, so they both got sticker books to play with.  

As you can see Calla had lots of fun decorating herself and Scott's car during the long drive.  Hannah was also full of smiles, and was wearing her fun and colorful hat.

Don't let this photo fool you, I only drove a short distance, my job was to entertain the children.

 A great family photo for a great family trip!

 The weather was amazing on our trip, upper 80's everyday.  So despite the water being SUPER cold, we had a great time playing on the shores of Wallowa Lake and a few quick dips in the water.

 Aspen had a blast, she swam, swam, swam, but did not pose for any of the family pictures.  She also slept for three days straight when we got home.

There are not a whole lot of kid friendly hikes in the Wallowa Mountains, long hikes with lots of elevation gain.  The hike up Hurricane Creek is easy and beautiful.  This is the hike we took Calla on 2.5 years ago and we carried her like we carried Hannah now.  It was amazing to see Calla hiking this trail. We also bought her a camel back to carry her very own water.  She was pretty excited and proud of herself.  Scott and I were also so proud of our little girl!

Together these girls are silly!  They love to make silly faces, make silly sounds, and dance around.  Even up in the mountains there is always an opportunity to be silly!

I love this picture, it looks like the scene behind her is fake.  The day was really that beautiful!  I also love it because Calla had her very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich on this very trail.  She has grown up so much since then.  I look forward to all the pictures we will take of her on the trail in the future.

On our last full day we drove up Lostine Canyon.  It was again a beautiful day.  We were all full of smiles and we ate our lunch, watched fish jump, and enjoyed this beautiful place.

Dancing at the cabin!

Calla resting during her hike!

The girls with their PB&Js.