Sunday, July 22, 2012

Berry Wonderful Day

Today the girls and I did one of my very favorite summer activities, pick berries.  It was even better than normal because we got to visit Farmer Jason's Farm (aka my co-worker and friend Bonnie's dad's farm).  The girls got to see the chickens that lay the eggs we buy from the farm and eat loads and loads of blueberries, marionberries, raspberries, and boysenberries.  

Since we came home from San Diego we also began receiving our weekly CSA from Gathering Together Farm.  Having the opportunity to get our food locally has really made me think.  While we were driving to and from San Diego we drove through central CA we saw miles and miles of mass agriculture.  I appreciate the hard work of farming and the need to feed the world, but the trip and my recent experiences with local farms makes me appreciate the wonderful food at my doorstep and the opportunities I have.  I hope I can raise my children to appreciate local agriculture and the hard work of every farmer as much as I do.  Thank you farmer "Jason" for giving us a berry wonderful experience today and thank you my friend Bonnie for sharing the wonderful day with us:) 

While at the farm Calla got to ride on the green machine, she lot it was very exciting!  She loved exploring the farm with the actual farmer.  

I think Hannah enjoyed the picking more than Calla.  Calla just likes to explore.  Hannah's favorite berries were by far the blueberries.  At the beginning she was pretty good at picking them and putting them in her bucket.  She thought it was pretty fun.

After awhile Hannah realized she was tired of picking and was ready to eat her bounty.  She leaned over her bucket and shoved them into her mouth as fast as she could.

She very happy girls with berry grins!