Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home Alone

Bye Grandma Bob and Lynda - I love you!

Thank you Grandma Lynda for spending two weeks helping to take care of Calla. I believe everyone involved had a good time! Grandpa Bob (GB) arrived on Wednesday and got to spend three days with Grandma Lynda (GL) and Calla. GB took a break from hanging out with Calla while he was here and GB and I celebrated his birthday by attending the best upset of the season when the Beavers beat the #1 USC Trojans in football last week. Then on Friday we all went up to Portland for the evening and Courtney and I went to our friends Nikki and Mike's wedding. GB and GL did their first eveing babysitting gig and hung out with Calla at the hotel. It was a good date night out for mom and dad and the grandparents got to spend their final evening with Calla all to themselves. They even put her to bed, which was a first non-parental-putting-to-bed event!!

Now it is just us (Northwest Shaff Clan) for the first time in a month and I am going to be a stay at home dad part time for the next three months! Calla and I are going to have lots of fun. So I will be posting more on the experiences of daddy day care in the future. I am sure that will be entertaining at times.
We hope all is well with everyone as the summer season wanes into fall.
All smiles with Grandma and Grandpa Shaff

Snugglin' with Grandma Lynda

Playing with Grandpa Bob.

Giving Grandma Lynda a little smirk.

Calla could not stop laughing at Grandpa Bob.

Beaver Nation celebrating the big win!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pictures of Calla's exciting and busy life

Grandma Lynda and I are enjoying the beautiful evening while mom and dad make dinner (we got the good part, right Grandma:)

Yeah, Daddy's home after being gone a few days, I can't keep my eyes off him!!

My hand tastes soooo good!!

I love to smile when Grandma Lynda talks to me.

Reading my favorite book.

Saying goodbye to my first babysitter. I will miss you Billie!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy 5 Months Calla

Calla is growing by leaps and bounds and amazing us each and every day. Below is a video of her sucking her thumb. She has just mastered this in the last few days. She is also looking at things more closley, and following voices. She is so much fun. Calla is also a sleeper (those parents with children that don't sleep so much might want to stop reading), we are going on a full week of Calla going to bed a 9pm, with no crying, and sleeping through the night, that is until 7am. We know this might end at any moment, but we are enjoying it for now. Grandma Lynda just finished her first day with Calla and she is still here. Yeah for Grandmas!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

We caught a quick generational photo tonight, Grandma, daughter, and grand-daughter.
WOW, they sure take lots of photos of me, and I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing.
Again with the photos, but I guess I will just sit here and look cute.

My big accomplishment of this week has been finding my fingers.
You can't have my fingers Aspen, I need them, they taste really good.

Bye Grandma, I love you and will miss you lots. Come back again soon!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calla Laughing

Calla and Grandma Cindy had lots of fun tonight. Here is a video of Calla laughing. Grandma Cindy leaves on Saturday, she is getting very sad. She and Calla have had lots and lots of fun together. Grandma Lynda arrives on Saturday, so we are all getting very excited.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy Days for Calla

Calla has been busy while mom and dad have both been going to work. Grandma Cindy has been here for a week taking care of Calla, they are having a great time. Calla is full of smiles and laughs for her Grandma. Grandma Cindy is here for another week and then Grandma Lynda will be here for two weeks. This weekend Grandpa Rex flew in for a quick visit and we got a picture.

I am leaving Monday morning for my first trip away from Calla. I am headed to Burns, OR Monday through Wednesday for a workshop. I will miss her lots but I know Dad and Grandma will take good care of her. They just better post lots and lots of pictures of her so I can see her often while gone. I have really enjoyed being back at work. I really enjoy my job and it is fun to hang out with adults during the day and then come home in the afternoon and play with my beautiful daughter.

Mom and Calla were playing airplane yesterday and she was full of smiles. Here are a few of the best pictures.

The last two mornings we have found Calla trying to turn over in her bassinet. Here is what she looks like in the morning. It looks like we will be moving to the crib soon so she can have more room to move in her sleep.