Monday, December 7, 2009

All Moved In (kinda)

What a week we have had. Last Wednesday several wonderful friends (Troy, Andrew, and Jay) helped us unload the moving van and start a new adventure in our lives. We spent the rest of Wednesday cleaning and setting up Calla's room and the rest of the week and weekend tackling the rest of the boxes. It feels very over whelming at this point, but we will get it all done. The house is wonderful and we love having all the space. Calla has been exploring all the rooms and extra spaces and we think she approves. Aspen loves the big backyard and has been chasing the Starlings. Enjoy some of our pictures from our first weekend in the house. You will notice there are no outdoor pictures since it has been in the low 30's and high 20's recently. Very cold for us Oregonians.

Calla and Dad enjoying a moment at the kitchen table. Calla has lots to say now and we can even understand her half of the time.
Look at this empty space, Mom, what are you going to put here?

I have a great idea!

It can be a tunnel I can crawl through!

That was fun and the perfect size!

My best friend Leslie and her son Devin came down from Olympia to help us get settled. It was great the kids has lots of fun playing and it was nice to have an extra set of hands. We also made cut out cookies. Calla loved playing with the dough and got it all over herself.

Devin loved being the older kid and had fun pushing Calla around in one of the MANY boxes we now have in the house.

Calla loves big kids and wanted to do everything Devin was doing. Thanks for being a GREAT friend Devin!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun filled weekends

Here are a few pictures of our last few weeks. This will probably be out last post from 1832 SE Crystal Cir. A week from tonight we move out and then on Tuesday, December 1, we should get the keys to the new house. It will be a very busy and exciting Thanksgiving weekend. Scott, Calla, and I have so much to be thankful for this year. Our health, the health of our parents, two jobs we enjoy, and almost a new house. We hope all of you take time this week to be thankful for all you have.
Last weekend we went to visit a friend that just bought a house in Portland and then visited the Portland Zoo. It was a great day to be at the zoo. It was kinda chilly, but the animals were really active. We saw polar bears, lions, elephants, a sea lion, and three orangutans.

Calla walking along the curb.

Calla also loves to find "seats" that are just her height. She sits on almost every curb we see if we let her.

Calla has no fear, she just goes and goes and goes. When we are out at the Corvallis Market we have to watch her all the time, otherwise she will just wander off and make new friends. She says "hi" to everyone we pass.

Calla also loves to run, both towards us and away from us. She just loves to run.

Calla running away from mom before we are leaving downtown Corvallis, she wanted to stay and have more adventures.
Calla loves looking out at her "street". It is hard for us to believe that she used to not be able to look over the ledge, and now her shoulder are that tall. She only has one more week of looking out at this street. We move out of our house next Sunday. New address here we come!

Calla's newest game is to get any bag (but mom's purse is best) and the says "bye, bye" and walks around the house once, then comes back and says "hi".

Our friend from AZ, Steve Shelby, got this toy for Calla when we were visiting in October, she loves it. She is getting better and better at putting the shapes in the correct spot.

Calla loves books!! We read them to her all the time. Just recently she has also started "reading" them to herself.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall '09 Photos

Calla and Daddy enjoying a hug and a silly mement.
Calla has a silly side. She loves to laugh and be tossed around the house.
Calla also now loves to play with the phone and "pretend" to call people. I say pretend because we have had one 911 incident.

We only have a few more week of being able to walk to the park. Calla loves the slide. We will have to make trips back to the old neighborhood to visit the park and all of our wonderful neighbors!
Calla and Daddy watching football last Sunday while Mommy was napping.
Here is Calla in her short lived Halloween costume. I say short lived because she was really not a fan of it and this was the only time she wore it. There is always next year.
Playing at the park.
Heading off to the park. Calla now loves to take walks so our family walks as a long as they used to eb we just don't cover as much ground.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day on the Oregon Coast

We had pretty much a perfect day today. We started off by driving out to the coast and playing on the beach for awhile. The weather was amazing (sunny and no wind) and Calla had a great time playing in the sand and laughing at Aspen digging and running around. Then we headed to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and saw lots of fish, jelly fish, seal lions (Calla loved imitating the seal lions call/bark), sharks, and lots more. On the way home we bought some Dungeness Crab and some ice cream cones for the road = A perfect fall day in Oregon!

Calla in awe of the jellyfish

Calla and Daddy watching the Sea Lions

Come on Mom and Dad, let go body surfing!

Let's roll Dad!
Mom says Calla and Daddy have the same walk, what do you think?

Aspen (we do not totally ignore her) enjoying the beach.

Mommy and Calla strolling the beach

Checking out the cool tree on the coast!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Fun!!!

Where do we start in describing our weekend. Friday night we had drinks with friends and agreed to show the house to one more interested couple before officially taking it off the market. Saturday afternoon we showed the house, Saturday night they called and said they would like to meet on Sunday and put in an offical offer.
So today we put in an offer on a house we have been looking at for several weeks, it was accepted, and this evening we accepted an offer on our house. We are so excited. In between we took Calla to a local farm and got pumpkins, apples, pears, and cider. The pictures of our fun with Calla and the house are below!
Calla and daddy climbing on the pumpkins.

We took Calla on a hayride. She loved it!

Calla picked out three pumpkins for us. Look for carving pictures next weekend.

Calla loved looking at all the pumpkins, she loves exploring.

Family photo in the pumpkin patch!

Calla loved the hay maze. She wanted to be like the big kids and climb the hay bales, maybe next year.

The end of a very fun adventure. Pumpkins and pears for our little toddler!

Now on to the adventures of mom and dad. Below are some pictures of our soon to be new house. We will be adding over 700 sq ft, another bathroom, a two car garage and so much more. We are kinda in shock tonight and hope all goes smoothly over the next few weeks.

This is the front of the house, very low maintenance.
This is the family room and dinning room.

This is the front entry room and the wood burning stove. It is so welcoming, we can't wait for visitors!!

Covered back porch.

Hallway that leads to 4 bedrooms!!!

Our new backyard is beautiful, a great sitting area, gardens, and even a red barn!!! We are so excited!!