Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Little Adventurer

These pictures may make Hannah look like a sweet little girl, but she is an adventurer. We had some wonderful and much needed sunshine this weekend and I captured these pictures of Hannah playing in the yard. She loves to be outside and after today's adventurer I will have to keep my eyes on her. She managed to climb, by herself, to the top of the play structure. Scott and I were working in the yard and Calla was at the top and Hannah was playing in the grass. Suddenly Calla screams for Mom and Dad and Scott and I turn around to find Hannah on the top rung of the ladder. WOW! We worked with her a few more times to make sure she knew what she was doing we are also making her take the slide down, I am not ready for her to try and go down the slide.

Visting Friends

My great friend Leslie and her son Devin came for a weekend visit from Olympia. Devin (6 3/4) and Calla had a good time. Devin read to Calla and showed her his video game, she was entranced.

Calla showed Devin her play structure. They swung, hung on the bars, climbed, and enjoyed the slide. Calla loved having a big kid to share the play structure with.

We also went for a short hike and to the OSU Sheep farm to see the baby sheep. The weather was great and we all enjoyed the little bit of sunshine.