Sunday, September 25, 2011


The other day when Scott was out of town we had a blast playing on the wonderful play structure he built and we also took some pictures. Both girls were in a great mood and seemed to want to pose for the camera. Time passes so quickly I sometimes feel that I never get enough pictures of them both together. Enjoy these great ones from our own backyard!

Waldo Lake

This summer has been filled with adventure. Scott and I decided at the beginning of the summer to focus on camping and hiking with the kids and not worry too much about the yard. Well we succeeded! There are lots and lots of weeds growing in our yard and we took the kids on three camping trips and lots of hiking. Mission Accomplished! Our friends Joy, Jay, Airlie, and their two dogs joined us for a very full campsite and a lot of fun! Hannah decided she wanted to do lots of practice walking in the water and Calla made lots of friends with the other little kids at the campground. It was a beautiful weekend and there were lots of families enjoying the beautiful water. Here are some pictures from our WONDERFUL trip to Waldo Lake. We forgot the buckets and shovels so we made a quick trip to a grocery store and bought a plastic pitcher and a spoon, they worked great!

Hannah practicing walking with daddy!

Calla getting a float in with a borrowed raft, next year we need to bring our own!

Hannah enjoyed playing in the water with Airlie.

Hannah taking over Calla's camping chair, we will need to buy another before next summer.

Calla being her creative self, she was making food for everyone and enjoying every minute of the trip. She loves camping!