Monday, December 7, 2009

All Moved In (kinda)

What a week we have had. Last Wednesday several wonderful friends (Troy, Andrew, and Jay) helped us unload the moving van and start a new adventure in our lives. We spent the rest of Wednesday cleaning and setting up Calla's room and the rest of the week and weekend tackling the rest of the boxes. It feels very over whelming at this point, but we will get it all done. The house is wonderful and we love having all the space. Calla has been exploring all the rooms and extra spaces and we think she approves. Aspen loves the big backyard and has been chasing the Starlings. Enjoy some of our pictures from our first weekend in the house. You will notice there are no outdoor pictures since it has been in the low 30's and high 20's recently. Very cold for us Oregonians.

Calla and Dad enjoying a moment at the kitchen table. Calla has lots to say now and we can even understand her half of the time.
Look at this empty space, Mom, what are you going to put here?

I have a great idea!

It can be a tunnel I can crawl through!

That was fun and the perfect size!

My best friend Leslie and her son Devin came down from Olympia to help us get settled. It was great the kids has lots of fun playing and it was nice to have an extra set of hands. We also made cut out cookies. Calla loved playing with the dough and got it all over herself.

Devin loved being the older kid and had fun pushing Calla around in one of the MANY boxes we now have in the house.

Calla loves big kids and wanted to do everything Devin was doing. Thanks for being a GREAT friend Devin!