Sunday, January 8, 2012


The title says it all! Today was a day on the Oregon Coast that made me smile, laugh, forget all my worries and enjoy a GREAT time with my amazing family. Today is one of my best days ever!! We left Corvallis at 10:30, with cool air and low fog, we arrived at the coast around noon, to 54degrees and wonderful sun! We did the Discovery Loop at Cape Perpetua, Calla hiked the whole way (with a few snack breaks at the benches) and Hannah laughed and talked while Scott carried. Aspen was in heaven! We all had smiles!

We then drove a short distance to Governor Patterson beach and the day continued to be wonderful. We took off our shoes and socks and played in the sand! We laughed, chased each other, found sticks, and even made a small sand hill. Calla and Hannah both slept on the drive home and we all crowned it a wonderful day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas

We had a Very Merry Christmas in Tucson. Scott's parents hosted 14 people in two houses and we had lots of fun. It was a little cold the first few days, but then it warmed up after Christmas and there was lots of time to play outside.

Aunt Sharon, Calla, and Lynda having a few chips during Happy hour.

Hannah and Papa Bob had a great time "talking" outside one evening. Hannah kept sharing her water with Papa.

Hannah even shared her water with Nana Lynda a few times.

Mommy and her girls getting a little sun while playing outside. It felt sooo good to feel the warm sun!

Nana and the girls taking a break from playing for a picture. Calla said her favorite part of Christmas was spending time with Nana. Times we will never forget.

Nana and all of her grand children.
Calla, Jake, Hannah, and Eric

Opening Christmas presents was a blast! Calla got a t-ball set from her Uncle Steve. He taught all of the kids how to play, Calla was a natural!

Hannah and Uncle Steve

Jake and Uncle Steve

Aunt Charlotte and Calla taking a break from the chaos to catch-up!

We let the kids open a few presents before going to church, a few before they went to bed and the rest in the morning. It was crazy, but really great to see Christmas through the eyes of children again. All the adults found it magical.

Calla and Hannah with their new "Cat in the Hat" hats.

Calla and Hannah with their new purple dancing dresses and AZ t-shirts.

Calla, Hannah, and Eric opening their first presents before church. We bribed Calla to get all dressed up and take picture with the promise of opening one gift it worked!

A little sisterly love!

Hannah got a music set, all the kids loved playing with it and making music together. I think Nana misses her little music makers!

The big kids helping Eric open a Christmas present.

Hannah trying on Scott's glasses and hat after he went for a run. Both Scott and I found time to enjoy running in the sunshine. Since we have returned home we both have had some very wet runs.

Papa Bob, Scott, Courtney, Calla, and Hannah hit Sabino Canyon one afternoon. It was great!

Papa Bob, Calla, Courtney, and Nana Lynda enjoying the elephants at the Tucson Zoo.

Calla admiring one of three young lion cubs. We arrived at the zoo just as they were let out into the yard and it was so much fun to watch!!

Marry Christmas to all! We had a blast in AZ and miss all of the family already!