Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Time Rocks!

We had a wonderful weekend.  We were all together for 5 days!  Scott and I finished up some much needed yard work, we ate and drank with friends, and spent time as a family!  Today we finished this GREAT family weekend with a hike along the East Fork of the McKenzie River.   Calla hike 2 miles all by herself, and it was more up hill than we thought it would be.  She was proud to tell everyone she hiked 2 miles, crossed two bridges, and had lots of fun.  Hannah also had a blast riding on Mommy and Daddy's backs.  The girls threw rocks and sticks in the streams and we all had fun.  There is nothing better than walking behind Calla and seeing her run and skip through the forest.  Calla also loves rivers.  She almost cried when we left the Willamette River at the Hop Yard on Saturday.  She told me she "loved the river, it made her happy and she was so sad to leave it".  Then today she again told us how much she loved the river and wants to take care of it. Nothing could make me happier and prouder as a parent.  Enjoy some great pictures of our hike.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Day at the Beach

I took the girls to the Newport Aquarium on Sunday.  Hannah loved the animals.  Calla has always had an enthusiastic, but short attention span at each exhibit, while Hannah is becoming quite an observer.  She just looks, points, and smiles.  

The play area was almost as popular as the sea lions.  The girls climbed and laughed.
Hannah making friends with a turtle before getting on.  

Calla climbs right on.
I even got a rare picture of the two girls together, smiling.
We are in the monkey see monkey do phase.  Calla climbs, Hannah climbs.  Calla slides, Hannah slides.  

At the beach Calla was her usual enthusiastic self, running and diving on the sand.  She loves the back so much, I can't wait for San Diego this summer with the Shaff Family.

Hannah was a little more tentative.  But when she warmed up, she was ready to rumble!

Hannah ended up chasing Calla all over the beach trying to put sand on her head.  It was so funny and they had a great time!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Video from the past

Calla's Uncle Steve made this video for her first birthday.  Scott's parent's just found it and sent it out again.  I am not sure if it ever got posted the first time around.  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

What a great weekend.  Scott was home all weekend and we had a great time hanging out as a family!  Saturday morning we hit the Corvallis Farmers Market and the downtown fountain was in full swing.  We brought the girls swimming suites (learned from last year) and they both had a blast.  Calla was her usual enthusiastic self, she does everything with such life it is inspiring.  

We also got to enjoy some first of the season strawberries.  We the girls ate up everything we bought.  YUM!  They should be very happy by the end of the summer when our 8 strawberry plants start producing.  

While everyone napped on Saturday I got our garden planted.  This is our first garden in the house.  We have been busy raising kids and have not had the time or energy to try a garden.  We are still doing a CSA this year, but we planted melons, squash, hot peppers, a few tomatoes, broccoli, and fennel.  It be a great addition to our CSA and I love teaching Calla and Hannah about planting and growing food.

Sunday was a great day at home!  It was hot, upper 80's, so we filled up the kiddy pool and turned on the sprinkler.  After a wonderful dinner of halibut we roasted marshmallows.  Calla's favorite part of the day.  Hannah has already eaten hers in this picture, and Calla is still savoring hers. Hannah needs to learn to be a little slower in her enjoyment of treats.     

A beautiful evening, in our beautiful yard, to end a very wonderful Mother's Day weekend!