Monday, January 26, 2009

John and Charlotte's Wedding

Calla had a fun and busy weekend. On Wednesday night we flew to Phoenix, AZ to participate in and celebrate Uncle John's wedding to Charlotte. We had a wonderful time and Calla was a superstar on both flights and through the busy weekend. Here are some photos of our family adventures.

Calla and Grandma Shaff.
Calla really likes to drink out of cups. Here she is sharing a glass of water with Daddy.
Calla and Charlotte's nephew Grant were the life of the party. Calla loved to look at and laugh at Grant. She can't wait until she is that mobile.
Great Aunt Sharon, Calla, and Grandma Lynda. Calla enjoyed being social with all the family that was visiting this weekend.

Wow, this grass is really cool, but it is really hard to pick-up.

Calla has been working hard on developing her fine moter skills and now wants to grab everything that she sees.

Look at this leaf and the rocks, what fun!

Can I eat these mom? Maybe not, but don't I look really really cute!!

Calla also really enjoys touching and looking at flowers.

Hi everyone, it sure is nice to be able to play outside in the grass in January. We should visit AZ more often in the winter.

Calla is a very observant little girl and loves to look at things and people. These next few photos show her enjoying the sites around AZ.

Calla got all dressed up for the wedding. She had a great time and I think everyone enjoyed her.

Wow dad, you look really nice. We should get dressed up more often.

Friday, January 16, 2009

9 months old!

Calla turned 9 months old on Thursday this week and as you can see she is becoming a big girl. She is now facinated with her toes and loves everything Aspen does. I think she wants to see Aspen in the morning before she says hi to me. She makes us laugh everyday. Another one of her new tricks is she "talks" in a really low voice, we call it her Gremlin voice. It is both a little scary and really funny. Enjoy the photos below.

She wants to grab everything she sees now.

Calla and her best buddy Aspen giving her a kiss.

She loves to touch and feel our faces.

Like I said, she likes to grab everything she see, and then she directly stick it in her mouth!

I almost got it mom, a little more help please!

"I wonder if these things taste any good?"

So cute, look at those chub rolls!

I got both of them at once, YES! Now what do I do?

Check out my new jumparoo, thanks Grandma Lynda!

Yum, beats.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Pictures

Here are a few more photos from our Christmas adventures.

The Shaff Family photo on Christmas Eve.

Super Calla photo on Christmas morning.

Calla's first Christmas. She is beautiful!!

The Shaff Family women.

Bob and Lynda with their first granddaughter.

Mom and Super Calla. Yes, we all know you are amazing little girl!!

Calla and Claire on New Year's Eve. Claire is 4 months younger then Calla, but just a little bigger.

Happy New Year's!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Calla's New Tricks

Happy New Year everyone. We hope 2009 treats everyone well!

Here are some new trick Calla has learned over the last week. The first trick, Wiggle Worm, she learned down in Tucson. Her second trick, sitting up, she started to learn in Tucson but has mastered it back home just the other day.