Tuesday, April 27, 2010

March of Dimes and Backyard Fun

We had a great weekend here in Corvallis. It started off with Courtney, Calla, and I doing a fundraiser walk for the March of Dimes on Saturday morning. Then the rest of the weeekend we spent in our backyard playing, doing yard work, watching birds build a nest, planting a garden, and hanging out with friends. I have to say, Courtney and I love our new HUGE backyard and I think it is safe to say Calla does too. So here are some pictures from this past weekend.

Calla can not get enough of this. She loves to fly!

Calla playing chase with the dogs.

Hanging out with our friends Joy and Jay. We think Calla has a crush on Jay!

We might have a gymnist on our hands! Look Ma, No Hands!

Playing with her sand table.

One of the many Tulips in our backyard.

Mama bird clearing out her nest.

Flying away.

Yeah, March of Dimes Rocks!

Lets get walking mom and dad!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Birthday Party

OK, it has taken me more than a few days to post pictures of the birthday party. Life is kinda busy when daddy is out of town. We had a very nice small birthday party of Calla the weekend before her birthday. Here she is looking very excitedly at her cake. She ejoyed Mommy's yummy carrot cake!

Rowan, Maddison, and Calla all playing in her Dora fort. They had a great time!

Calla and Maddison are NICU buddies. It is hard to believe that these two little girls eachstarted out less than 5 lbs. It has been fun to see them both grow so big over the last two years.

Calla got a tricycle from Nana and Papa. She loves to ride it and looks like such a big girls!!

Mom and Dad got Calla a water and sand play table. After Calla started drinking the water with the sand in it, it turned into an all sand table for now. Still lots of fun!
Look how cool I am. Thanks Aunt Charlotte, Uncle John, and cousin Jake for the great gift!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Oregon Garden

Scott's parensts were in town last week to celebrate Calla's 2nd Birthday. We had lots of fun and several adventures. I will post pictures of her actual birthday later this week, but I wanted to share the wonderful day we had at the Oregon Garden.

Calla was very busy the day we were exploring the garden so there are very few pictures of her sitting still. We had to snap all of the pictures on the move. Here she is enjoying some flowers.
Calla loves to pick flowers, we had to keep her from picking all the beautiful in the garden.

Calla loves to climb. Here Grandma and Grandpa are helping her climb on the big rocks.

And now Daddy and Grandpa.

Grandma and Calla doing the steps.

Calla loves water, Daddy and her were watching the fishes in the pool.

Grandma and Calla catching a very brief breather on a park bench.

A very quick family photo shot after snack time.

Look at the WONDERFUL Grandparents. We can't wait for them to visit again soon!

Calla watching Grandma and Grandpa take a break. She does not always understand why everyone seems to get so tired when they spend time with her:)
Off to the next adventure. More tomorrow.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

Calla keeps us all very busy these days. We are always on the move, either dancing and marching around the house, visiting the horses down the street or playing in the backyard there is almost no down time while Calla is awake. We enjoy every minute of it but would appreciate it if her naps were longer than 1 hour.

Calla wearing Momma's shoes.
Calla loves to say "cheese".

Calla only sleeps for 1 hour in her crib at nap time, but then is more than willing to sleep for an hour or more on mom or dad's lap. Kinda hard to get much done, but you have to love the cuddle time.
Visiting the horses, Calla is full of smiles!
Calla saying "hello" to baby Hannah.

Playing in the backyard.

Relaxing on Saturday morning with a little Dora.

Momma and Calla playing on the couch.
Calla loves to help mom clean, here she is taking a break after sweeping the living room.