Friday, March 26, 2010

Calla's play room, with chalk board paint, kitchen, and coloring table!

I think someone is a little ticklish!

Taking a walk in the neighborhoodand Aspen showing she still has some hops!
I think I can climb this fence mommy, what do you think?

Calla's favorite part of our evening walks, carrots for the neigh, neighs (better known as a horse).

Calla has already figured out that sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers!


This is her, "gonna gitcha" pose.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Camera

I got a new camera for my birthday, a Canon G11 and I love it so far! But have only had it for a day. So hear are the first photos I took with it, of Calla of course!

Calla is doing great and seem to get busier and busier every day. She loves to be outside, it is the second thing she asked for every day. The first of course being breakfast. She loves to just roam around our new big backyard and chase Aspen or play tag/chase with mom and dad. So here are some photos of Calla playing in the yard.

Calla exploring the yard.

Calla and Aspen hanging out. Playing with some of the cool camera options.

Picking flowers!

Calla, Daddy, and Aspen playing "gonna getcha ya"

Calla looking for Duckies in the seasonal pond next to our house.

We do get some yard work out of her, though not very much.
What daddy?
CHEEZE! She loves to make this face!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nana Lynda

We had a great visit from Nana Lynda last week or maybe the week before, they all blend together sometimes. Anyway, we (especially Calla) had a great time hanging out and playing with Nana. We did not leave the house much during her visit because Calla was getting over a cold and Mom and Dad's colds were just starting. So we had several days when we were all home with Nana and Calla playing (yeah), while mom and dad were napping!

Family Hug!

Cheers everyone! Calla is hiding behind her water bottle.

Calla loves to ride on shoulders now. What could be better than having your own personnel horse! Faster Daddy, Faster!

Check out what I made Nana.

Do not ask me what those two are doing? But it looks like they are having fun! I think Nana wants to go back to Kindergarten, she had way to much fun playing with Calla.


Calla loves her bath time and her duckies!