Saturday, February 19, 2011

Silly Lilly

My girls have earned their nick names thus far in their lives. Calla is truly a silly child. She loves to dance, dress up, and has started to do lots of pretending. Sometimes we all have to sit on the couch with our feet "out of the water so the sharks don't get us". She has also started to do lots of shopping and usually tells us that she will be back tomorrow, but always asks for money before she leaves. At least she plans ahead:) She also has started singing and making up words, and sometimes, when she sits still for a short period she will read a book to herself, her dolls, or to Hannah. She is a BLAST!

Building a tower with the blocks that Papa Rex made for her.
Calla and Hannah brushing their teeth together.

Running around the house. She will even set a course we all have to run, usually it is laid out with lots and lots of blankets.

Calla was all dressed up to go shopping.

Finally a moment of quite, she was reading herself books.

Reading books to baby before bedtime.

Crashing after building towers and running around the house.

Reading to Hannah.

Happy Hannah

So Hannah is growing up so fast! She laughs lots and lots, can't keep her eyes off Calla, and is thinking more and more about crawling, but is not doing it yet. We have been able to capture some great moments recently so here they are. What a doll!! Calla loves her sister, I am just waiting for that to change once Hannah starts crawling and getting into all of Calla things.

Look at those teeth!!

Hannah laughing at her big sister!!

and more laughing at her big sister!

Hannah playing the drums and Calla dancing!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Well we have had a busy few weeks. Hannah was baptized a few weeks ago and Uncle Tom and Aunt Charlotte where thr godparents and Uncle John and Cousin Jake came along for the ride. We had an amazing weekend with everyone at our house, it was a little tight, but everyine survived I believe. Here are some photos from that weekend.

Aunt Charlotte "aka Godmother" and Hannah.

Uncle John pushing Jake and Calla in the wagon.

Cousin Jake having fun!

Uncle Tom, aka The God Father, Hannah, and Courtney.

Calla and Jake having fun!

Sisters all dressed up for the Baptism.

The three cousins!

Wedding photo material!

Silly lilly and Happy Hannah

Calla loves to pull Hannah in the wagon.

Calla running with great form!

Looking cute!