Friday, April 18, 2008

Courtney's Comments

Hello Everyone. I want you all to know how much Scott and I have appreciated your phone calls, emails, thoughts, and prayers. This has been a week filled with emotional highs and lows and I think we are both looking forward to finding a routine over the next few weeks. I thought I would share a few of my thoughts from the last few days.

As you all know now Scott and I found ourselves in the Corvallis hospital on Saturday night, expecting to be told we were overreacting and to be sent home. Instead I was quickly evaluated by the nurses and Doctors and told that my water had broken and that I was in labor. Things then happened very very quickly as they are not equiped to deliver babies at 30 weeks. I was taken via ambulance and Scott followed in the car to Eugene. It was a very scary ride as I was having contractions the entire time and was still in shock over what was happening. I can't say enough wonderful things about the nurses from the Corvallis hospital. One rode down with me and talked to me the entire time and helped keep me calm. Scott arrived about when I did and we were taken to an evaluation room. There it was determined that I was already 3cm dialated so I was put on bed rest and drugs to stop the contractions. Both the nurses and the doctor thought I would deliver Sunday am, but thanks to the drugs and a little help from Calla we held off until Tuesday. Sunday through Tuesday were full of times when I felt great, with no contractions, and times when I was having mild to hard contractions. Then of course, just as they moved us out of labor and delivery, thinking I was stable, I started having regular contractions, and in 3 hours I went from 4cm to 10 and holding my little girl. It was a wild ride and Scott never left my side. He kept me calm and was an amazing birth partner. Calla might only be three days old but Scott and I have already learned the art of compromise with her. There will be many more challenges over the next few weeks, but Scott and I know we can handle them together and with the support of all of our friends and family.


Jim and Tami said...

Congratulations Scott and Courtney! Calla is just precious! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. We will be watching her progress every day! You are in our prayers!


The Korbs : )

Kelly Munns said...

hey courtney, it's bonnie's daughter, kelly. i am trying to read your blog without crying and it's just not working. i guess you can say i feel for you. a mother's bond is so strong. congratulations and i'm looking forward to seeing this little calla grow and grow! it'll happen so fast! she already looks great. what a good sized preemie! good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

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